ACC Services

acc servicesIn 2001 the Accident Compensation Act was passed and the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) was formed to provide insurance and compensation to pay for services needed by New Zealanders. Everyone in New Zealand (including those who are visiting) has 24-hour, 7 days a week, no-fault injury cover through ACC.  Almost all physical injuries will be covered if caused by: an accident, a work related illness, medical treatment or sexual assault and/or abuse.

We provide services so that clients who have been disabled can stay in their homes for rehabilitation and receive the services they need, paid for by ACC.

The services that Geneva Northlink Healthcare provides through ACC include home and community support, community nursing, wound management, blood pressure monitoring and general health review. Childcare services are available if needed to support injured people who are unable to care for their children. Other services could include meal preparation, laundry, cleaning, life skills coaching and assistance with eating, grooming, dressing and mobility.

These services and more are available from Geneva Northlink Healthcare through ACC. Please contact them for a referral either online or call them on their claims helpline 0800 101 996. Here you can file a claim, receive your claim referral, contact us and get started with your needed services quickly and efficiently.

Call us today for more information 09 425 9999