Child Care

childcareParents with serious injuries and either permanent or temporary disabilities, often have a need for childcare in order to heal themselves and have their child taken care of. You might be a single parent or you might be unable to care for your child while your spouse works. In either case Geneva Northlink Healthcare can help by providing excellent childcare, either in a home-based program or at a professional childcare centre.

If you are permanently disabled and you live in circumstances that you cannot handle - such as trying to care for your child in a multi-level home when you cannot access any floor except the main one. You might need equipment that allows you to get to a second floor such as a lift, or you might need a caregiver to assist you when your child is on another floor. You could need assistance before your child goes to school and after school. Assistance is also available to take your child to school and bring him or her home again at the end of the school day.

Geneva Northlink Healthcare will provide trained, experienced caregivers to help you out in all of these types of situations.

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