Housework Management

housework management servicesSome of the housework services offered by our staff are similar to the personal care services such as shopping and meal preparation. However there are services in this category that are not found in any other.

Geneva Northlink Healthcare staff will assist with or take care of light household duties such as cleaning, dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and dishes. If our client has a dishwasher our staff member will ask to be shown how to operate it and from then on will fill, run and empty the dishwasher as needed and wash by hand any pots and pans as needed.

Our staff can do shopping for our clients, prepare and cook meals, for eating straight away or for freezing and eating later. This service also means that the Northlink staff collects dirty laundry and using the client’s washing machine and dryer or washing line does the laundry and folds and puts it away.

In addition, our staff will manage all of these household chores in such a way as to insure they are completed regularly and nothing is forgotten. If laundry needs to be done twice a week, our staff will arrange the days that it is completed. The same will be true for other tasks as well.

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