Medically Fragile Children

We support people with disabilities at each milestone in their life. Whether this is supporting families who have a child with a disability; helping a child as they enter an early childhood setting or school or supporting a young adult leaving school and going into further education.  

Families with medically fragile children are quite often emotionally fragile themselves. You need respite care as any other carer does, but you are often more reluctant to leave your child. This is where the professional, highly trained and compassionate Geneva Northlink Healthcare staff comes into play. Families will feel comfortable and confident in leaving their child in the hands of our loving staff.

Our services that can be accessed for medically fragile children include case management. The Case Manager will steer the family and the child through the maze of available services and how to access them. Coordination of services is essential to a successful at home program for a medically fragile child. This will include schooling, daycare services, and employment services when and if possible.

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