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Carer Support

Carer Support at HomeAnother name for this is Caregiver Support. Often a family member is providing the primary care to their disabled relative instead of having an organisation like Geneva Northlink Healthcare provide it. When family members are providing this support, they often need support of their own as the service they are providing can be physically, mentally and certainly emotionally draining - even exhausting.

Family members need "time out" to relax, run their own errands, keep their own appointments and do their own shopping and sometimes rest. At Geneva Northlink Healthcare we know how vital it is to the carer that this type of service is available to them. With the professional Geneva Northlink Healthcare staff, taking over in caring for loved ones for a few hours or a few days, you can do what you need to do. You will know that your loved one is being cared for by dedicated, trained and competent staff member. You need to feel comfortable with the staff member who is replacing you, or you will not take the kind of break you really need.  Geneva Northlink Healthcare staff has everything covered so you can take the time you need.

Short Term Home Support

This is similar to one aspect of our personal services. Northlink Heath provides staff to assist families after a hospital stay or an operation or illness. This type of short-term help might last up to six weeks. Short Term Home Support can include services like personal care, household management, meal preparation and shopping assistance. Our staff can do the grocery and personal shopping for our clients.

They can take charge of household management - this includes the scheduling and performance of household cleaning, dusting, vacuuming, mopping and organising. It might include daily or weekly laundry including folding and putting the clothes away. The Geneva Northlink Healthcare staff can offer short-term respite to families by taking on responsibilities for meal preparation and even freezing food for future meals.

The other services that Geneva Northlink Healthcare can assist with for a short period of time is personal grooming like bathing, clothing, washing hair and caring for teeth or dentures. It is easy for families to use the Geneva Northlink Healthcare respite services and short-term home support services because of the compassion and the professionalism of our staff.

Sleepover Care

Sleepover CareOne of the most important services that we can offer families with disabled loved ones is sleepover care. This usually means our staff member stays overnight with your loved one and does not sleep that night. Our dedicated staff members stay up all night while your family gets the rest they need and the disabled person gets the monitoring they need.

Many disabled people suffer from sleep apnea or other sleep disorders and need to be monitored through the night. Usually a Northlink Heath staff member will read and / or clean up during an overnight stay. This is a service that almost every family with a member that has a disability will want to take advantage of at one stage or another in their lives.

This kind of overnight respite cannot be replaced with any other kind. It is essential for parents of children or for children of disabled elderly parents to retreat from the situation at some point in time for at least one or two nights.

There are even places they can go for this respite time, however the focus of this service is on the care of the disabled person.

Mother Home Help

Providing home care for a disabled child is not always an easy and simple decision. There are many factors for parents to consider and they need a solid partner like Geneva Northlink Healthcare.

There are usually financial questions to consider as well as the emotional responses of the provider of care and what is medically best for your child. Northlink for the most part will be able to provide childcare services for your disabled child through the funding sources available. Caring for a disabled child at home can also involve therapies and medical equipment. Education is also a consideration. Can your child be mainstreamed in public schools or should he or she be home schooled? Knowing what all the issues are up front will help parents make good decisions for their child when they sit down with a Service Coordinator from Geneva Northlink Healthcare.

Often disabled children who are being cared for in home based programs and with home schooling can feel lonely and alienated. Parents need to consider how and who will provide social activities and relationships for their child.

Respite services are a positive gift for the family and the disabled child. The most important thing is to always have energetic and committed people interacting with your child.

Multi Disciplinary Team

All types of care for our clients require a variety of workers and professionals. Each of these different services requires a different type of professional. If you need skilled medical care, you probably need nurses, if you need pain administration you will need registered medical staff to provide it. If you require physical and occupational therapy you will need specialists for that. It is important to have the right team to work with in order to provide the right combination of services. This is why Geneva Northlink Healthcare provides clients with the security of a Multi-Disciplinary Team of Registered Nurses, Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists to help with rehabilitation at no cost to the client or the referral agency. You then need outstanding service coordination professionals to manage the work of all the different specialists. This is why Geneva Northlink Healthcare has service coordination administration in multiple locations through our geographic area.

The New Zealand Ministry of Health wants disabled people to be able to stay in their own homes and participate in their own communities, it is vital that a network of professionals be available to provide the interdisciplinary services they need. With the support of this interdisciplinary team, disabled people can make decisions for themselves regarding their care and services.

Elderly Entertainment

Elderly EntertainmentIt is very important for the elderly to be able to socialise and be a part of entertainment activities. These activities help clients to stay sharp mentally and as physically possible as well. Geneva Northlink Healthcare can provide clients and other elderly people in the community with a chance to get "out and about" with people of their own age. If elderly people are home based and alone in the home, then this service is more needed than ever.

Northlink provides a 12-person bus and a staff member with a nursing background to take a group of elderly people every week to go shopping, site seeing, a movie or a show, to a park or to the beaches.

Often Geneva Northlink Healthcare will provide an activities coordinator for a geographical area. That coordinator will gather information on what is available in the community that would likely be of interest to seniors. Then the activities coordinator can put together an activities schedule for the community's elderly. This would include people who are home based and any other elderly people in the area that might be interested.

Time Out

What are 'time out' services? As mentioned in other services, the carer or the family members who are providing the day-to-day services for a disabled person need some time away from the role. Carers can get depressed and over burdened if they do not get any respite time.

At Geneva Northlink Healthcare, we go a little further in offering to carers and family members not only the time and the services needed for respite, but we offer the location and facilities as well through Rodney Health Charitable Trust who have two locations for time out services for the carer or family member of a disabled person.

Mangawhai Cottage offers a great location for relaxing and playing in the surf or on the sand. There are many restaurants and cafes close by along with a golf course. Rodney Health Charitable Trust can offer this cottage at an affordable rate to carers and families of the disabled.  A resort type apartment is also available at Gulf Harbour. Take a dip in the pool or walk around the grounds. Play tennis or go for a run. This is another great site for time out.


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